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Cub Scout Pack 7059
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Total service hours to date:
Whether you are selecting a Good Turn for America project, ready to report your service hours, or somewhere between these two points, we have the resources to help you accomplish the task.
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By participating in Good Turn for America, your organization and community will benefit.
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Interested in helping fight hunger, provide shelter, or teach others the habits of healthy living? Good Turn for America needs your resources and support to help make a positive difference in your community.
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Collaborating Organizations

 Tell us about your service project
[ June, 2007 ]

From barn raisings to soup kitchens, ordinary Americans have always made an extraordinary difference in the lives of their neighbors by lending a helping hand, and - as the Scout slogan states - doing a good turn daily. Today, America needs the service of its citizens more than ever to help overcome hunger, lack of adequate shelter, and poor health.
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